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Premiere of The Thin Tweed Line at the Jenkins Hall Black Box Theater
A display of books published by Monte Ceceri at the Annual Savannah Local Author Day. Photograph by Ed Eckstrand.
Photograph of the Savannah marsh by Ed Eckstrand
P. T. Bridgeport on The Adam Messer Show
Books and Brews event at Southbound Brewing Co., Dec. 13, 6-9 p.m.
Savannah Authors Expo, Nov. 9, 2019, at Savannah Coffee Roasters
Author and journalist Adam Messer, publisher and 'Listening to Literature' host Leigh E. Rich, and author Brian Ralph of the 'Daybreak' graphic novel and Netflix series at the WRUU studio.

(11/8/19) Adam Messer, Leigh E. Rich, and Daybreak author Brian Ralph on WRUU’s Listening to Literature

Kevin Grogin, author of 'Black Sheep White Cop: Savannah EXPOsed,' talks with Jack Simmons, author of 'Three Dashes Bitters,' and publisher Leigh E. Rich at the 2019 Savannah Authors Expo.

(11/9/19) Kevin Grogan, Jennifer Harris, Darleen Drehmel, Jack Simmons, Leigh E. Rich, Savannah Authors Expo