Christopher Soucy

Christopher Soucy is a playwright, poet, and screenwriter who settled in Savannah after a stint in the army. An eclectic storyteller, his tales span the genres of mystery, detection, comedy, satire, and the supernatural.

He can be found out and about in Savannah, contemplating the then and the now and shaping both old tales and new. His work draws from literature, life, history, a love of humanity, and certain idiosyncratic phobias (that may or may not involve clowns and haberdashery).

His poems in The Square Book of Savannah Squares weave aspects of the past and the present specific to each square, deepening the alluring images provided by Megan Jones.

He is also known for his theater projects such as Odd Lot Improv.


Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy on WRUU's When the Moon Sings

Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy on When the Moon Sings, February 3, 2024

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