Megan Jones

Award-winning photographer Megan Jones

Megan Jones hails from Northbrook, Illinois, and a family of artists. After moving to Savannah to study at SCAD, she first applied her passion for photography to the business of matrimony, helping others capture cherished memories of their weddings and elopements.

With a deep appreciation of aesthetics, her repertoire and reputation have continued to expand. Her landscapes (of her new home and beyond) are iconic, and in 2017, she launched Savannah Glamour — a female-focused studio that specializes in glamour, pinup, and boudoir portraiture and encourages women to see themselves in a different, gentler light against the most beautiful backdrops Savannah has to offer.

Savannah Glamour has won awards for the “Best Portrait Studio,” and Megan has been recognized as one of the top boudoir photographers in the South and the world.

Turning her philogyny and camera toward the Hostess City of the South, she photographed all the squares of Savannah for The Square Book of Savannah Squares, coauthored with poet Christopher Soucy.


Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy on WRUU's When the Moon Sings

Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy on When the Moon Sings, February 3, 2024

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