The Square Book of Savannah Squares

Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy

About the Book

Built on a bluff overlooking the river, Savannah endures as a civic, architectural, and historical jewel of the United States. Its unique design — an elegant checkerboard of repeated squares — continues to entice and enchant.

In these pages, award-winning photographer Megan Jones and playwright and poet Christopher Soucy capture the character and history of each square, honoring the Hostess City of the South of both the then and the now.


Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy on WRUU's When the Moon Sings

Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy on When the Moon Sings, February 3, 2024

About the Collaboration

Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy getting married in Forsyth Park. © Rebecca Hollis

In 2018, Megan Jones and Christopher Soucy were married in Forsyth Park in front of Savannah’s iconic fountain. These two creatives — known locally and beyond for their ongoing support of the arts — then decided to combine their talents and craft this book as an ode to their love of Savannah and the city’s past, present, and posterity.

The alluring images in these pages by Megan Jones provided the inspiration for the poems, through which Christopher Soucy weaves aspects of the past and the present specific to each square.

Uniting both the personal and the professional, Megan’s portraiture and Christopher’s poetry capture life’s ephemeral and enduring moments in art. Emotion and color, light and words, time and place … whether for visitor or resident, the squares of Savannah embolden and abide.

About Megan Jones (Photographer)

Megan hails from Northbrook, Illinois, and a family of artists. After moving to Savannah to study at SCAD, she first applied her passion for photography to the business of matrimony, helping others capture cherished memories of their weddings and elopements.

With a deep appreciation of aesthetics, her repertoire and reputation have continued to expand. Her landscapes (of her new home and beyond) are iconic, and in 2017, she launched Savannah Glamour — a female-focused studio that specializes in glamour, pinup, and boudoir portraiture and encourages women to see themselves in a different, gentler light against the most beautiful backdrops Savannah has to offer.

Savannah Glamour has won awards for the “Best Portrait Studio,” and Megan has been recognized as one of the top boudoir photographers in the South and the world.

Turning her philogyny and camera toward the Hostess City of the South, Megan photographed all the squares of Savannah.

About Christopher Soucy (Poet)

Christopher is a playwright, poet, and screenwriter who settled in Savannah after a stint in the army. An eclectic storyteller, his tales span the genres of mystery, detection, comedy, satire, and the supernatural.

Like Megan, Christopher can be found out and about in Savannah, contemplating the then and the now and shaping both old tales and new. His work draws from literature, life, history, a love of humanity, and certain idiosyncratic phobias (that may or may not involve clowns and haberdashery).

He is also known for his theater projects such as Odd Lot Improv.

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