East of Savannah

P. T. Bridgeport

About the Book

Savannah is a port, but the delta of the Savannah River separates the port from the sea.

Eighteen miles of beaches, islands, tidal marshes, and waterways stretch between the city and the ocean. Visitors to Savannah barely notice that land, but it is diverse and frequently beautiful. The photographs in these pages capture the moods, scenery, and some of the residents.

This is the city and delta in their most unexpected moments, largely unseen and frequently deserving observation.

About the Author and Photographer

Author, radio host, and photographer P. T. Bridgeport

Writer and radio personality P. T. Bridgeport has lived east of Savannah for the past decade and still finds things that fascinate and delight him.

He hosts multiple shows on WRUU 107.5 FM, Savannah’s community radio station, including When the Moon Sings, Beyond the Liner Notes, and Listening to Literature (the latter two with Leigh E. Rich).

He is the author of The Moon and I Confer, a book of observations inspired by his weekly broadcasts.

Photographer Ed Eckstrand resides east of the city as well.

He is the executive producer of When the Moon Sings, a former president of the Savannah Art Association, and a former member of the Greater Savannah International Alliance.

He has exhibited his photography with the Savannah Art Association and in solo shows. His photographs adorn the pages of The Moon and I Confer and many a wall in Savannah and beyond.

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